Here we go again

Here We Go Again

It’s been quite a long hiatus on posting to the site. I have intentions and then life happens and things change but – FINALLY – I have cleaned up the website and gotten myself ready for another round of posting. But this time I’m not going to limit myself.

I used to write for but due to a number of personal challenges left that position about a year or so ago. In that time, I never stopped reading comics. But I cannot commit to a regular (or even semi-regular) schedule for reviewing content and posting what I think is interesting news. So, I’ll do it on my own blog. In my own time. Then if I drop the ball it only affects me.

I’ll also be posting on various web and mobile technologies, as those have long been my passion. It has been too long since I have dove into the tech side of things in my day-to-day and I’m hoping to do that again soon. In fact, I’ve already started thanks to the Microsoft Virtual Academy websites as I want to get back into playing around with mobile. And make some apps.

I’ll also add anything and everything else that I feel like adding. There’s been a lot of ups and downs the last few years and so this is my place to vent. I know you really don’t care about this last bit but, hey! It’s my site! I’ll do what I want!

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